"Signed up a while back, and HITW has given me nothing but great support in getting me up and running fine! Cheers, and highly recommended!"

Paul Singleton 

"I've been a member for nearly a month now and I'm crazy pleased. Karina is awesome and quick to respond to questions. A great service for little money I love it."

Jason Carpentier 

"Just thought I'd drop in after two months to say what I think of the hosting so far. I've not encountered any problems, it's been as fast as I could possibly need, and I can't really think of any bad points. Haven't even done that much with it yet, but I'm very happy with the hosting you folks offer. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Noel Cower 

"Your support people are knowledgeable and helpful, and this hosting has been worth every penny so far."

Factor Mystic 

"Signed up for this service, within first few moment I made a retarded mistake of using the wrong domain name. Karina fixed my problem almost instantly, but lo and behold I am retarded or something and misspelled what I asked the change to be... So once again I shoot off another email and the problem is solved for now until I mess something up in the future. The customer service has been excellent, and I have only been a member for about two hours. Would recommend giving them your ten dollars just because if they will put up with me, they would probably put up with anyone."

Philip Karas 

"So far I am quite happy with the hosting. Fast setup and everything I could possibly need for my goofy site."

Adam Robinson